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Years of experience and our specialized knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions.  The truth serves all sides and so do we!

About our Educational Services

About our Spinal Expert Services

Our team of Educators and Spinal Experts at American Spinal Injury & Impairment Consultants are at your service. We offer Spinal Injury & Impairment Educational Programs & Spinal Expert Review/Witness Services, geared to your specific needs.

Who Needs Our Services?

Doctors, Attorneys, Adjusters, Patients

Virtually anyone who is dealing with spinal injury or spinal impairment issue may be a client for our services. You may be a Doctor, Attorney, Insurance Adjuster, Insurance Company or you may be a patient who has suffered a spinal injury or spinal impairment. We are educators and experts whose allegiance is to the truth, so we serve all parties equally.


Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Statistics


There is an “Epidemic” of Chronic Pain in America and many other countries. The largest area of the Musculoskeletal System that is pain generating is obviously the spine. This is our area of focus as we try to promote optimal solutions to any need.  This is a complicated issue and precisely why so many clients need the specialized services or education programs that ASIIC can provide.

Spinal Pain Statistics

Jeffrey Alan Cronk, DC, JD is the CEO of American Spinal Injury & Impairment Consultants.  He is a National Authority on Spinal Ligament Injury’s and Spinal Ligament Testing using Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis. No one in the Country has taught more delivered more educational program on this subject. For a short online Bio see www.about.me/jeffreycronk and for a more comprehensive look at Dr. Cronk’s position on these topics please see the PDF Press Release Below.

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